The Morning-After Pill

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What is the morning-after pill?

The “Morning-after pill” is a drug used as an emergency contraception. They are to be used only as prescribed but do not 100% prevent a pregnancy.

Is taking my girlfriend’s birth control, or extra of my birth control, the same thing as taking the morning after pill?

No. Medications should be taken as prescribed; this includes birth control. There are similarities between the morning after pill and birth control; however you should never take drugs outside of their prescribed methods. Even when taking them as prescribed, complications are always a possibility. Taking additional or different drugs will not keep you from being pregnant. If you are concerned you might be pregnant and want to know your options, please contact our clinic for an appointment to get a free pregnancy test and information about your options.

Is taking the morning-after pill a guarantee that I won’t get pregnant?

There are no contraceptives that are 100% guaranteed to prevent a pregnancy. If you or your partner have taken the morning after pill and suspect you might still be pregnant, please schedule an appointment with us for a free pregnancy test to confirm your situation.

Are there options for a morning-after pill in Des Moines?

Yes. There are multiple versions of the morning-after pill. All versions should be taken as directed. The morning-after pill is a drug and not harmless, like candy. Even when taken as directed, you can significantly harm your health, and it may not be 100% effective. Please take all medications as directed and with the supervision of a physician.

Are there risks to taking the morning-after pill?

Yes! As with any medication, there are risks for side-effects and adverse events when taking either regimen of the morning-after pill. It must be remembered that both contain high doses of hormones which can impact the natural cycle of the woman in both the short and long-term.

Other side effects include:

  • Vaginal bleeding which can be significant
  • Abdominal cramping and pain
  • Serious interactions with other medications
  • Delay in the recognition of a tubal pregnancy
  • Infertility

Is the morning-after pill the same as the abortion pill (RU 486)?

No. The morning-after pill is not the same as the abortion pill, though both hold potential for serious risks and side effects.

Is the morning-after pill reversible?

No. Once a morning-after pill has been taken, its effects are not reversible.

Morning After Pill Information You can Trust in Des Moines

Our nurses at InnerVisions HealthCare in Des Moines can give you all of the information you need to know about the morning after pill. Whether you have already taken it or you just want more information about the pill and its effects, please call or text us at anytime, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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