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Innervisions Health Care - Free Pregnancy Test Iowa
Free, Caring & Confidential Pregnancy Care


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The nursing staff treated me lovingly and was very informative. They answered my questions with loving-kindness and I felt very comfortable. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.


Innervisions is a first-class organization and staff. I can’t say enough how great they were to me during a stressful time.


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Everything about this place is amazing!


I wish she was my normal doctor. I have never been treated so kind.


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Everyone was polite, clear, and patient in answering my questions. I was also given pamphlets to better understand STDs and my health. The staff is soft-spoken, knowledgeable, and the facility is clean and welcoming. Thank you for your sweetness, Innervisions!


Thank you, ladies! You made me feel like family!


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Great staff that are excellent and compassionate.


The staff has been so friendly & kind the whole way. I imagine she treats anyone who walks in the door with so much love & respect, just as she did us.


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Innervisions felt like a safe place. It was confidential and nonjudgmental. It was like stopping in to see a friend. They helped me process what was going on.


The staff was so very nice and extremely patient. They provided loads of additional information and seemed so warm and inviting. Top to bottom, the staff was honest with me and the services they provided, as well as additional resources beyond Innervisions. If a friend of mine were in my situation, there’s no doubt that I would recommend Innervisions!


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I walked into Innervisions Healthcare and was greeted by a friendly smile which changed my life.


Thank you again, for your kind patience and care. I can’t tell you how your encouraging words touched me when I was in despair. We are all very fragile and want to do what’s right and good for our daughter. Thank you…thank you.

Julie, Client's Mother

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It was a big change when we came here. The information I got was empowering and gave me peace of mind that I was making the right decision for me. When I came to your clinic, I felt so alone…when I left…I felt like I had more support than I’d ever had in my whole life. Thank you.


We were referred to Innervisions by my daughter’s assault counselor. We had no idea what was going to happen and what this meant for our young daughter. They helped us understand her options and relieved many fears we had. The staff nurses were incredible…very caring and understanding of her young age. We are very grateful for the services our family received from Innervisions.

Dan & Michelle - Parents of Client

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Innervisions Health Care - Free Pregnancy Test Iowa
Free, Caring & Confidential Pregnancy Care
Since 2011, InnerVisions HealthCare has helped hundreds of women throughout Des Moines and Central Iowa with pregnancy testing, STD/STI testing, ultrasounds and more. We offer pregnancy services and STD/STI testing in an open and caring environment provided by trained medical staff.

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