Learn About Pregnancy Tests

Nurse processing a pregnancy testHave you taken 1 or 10 pregnancy tests at home? All the same result or conflicting results? It can happen. You can take them pretty early, but the best results happen once you have missed your period. Although the at-home pregnancy test is pretty accurate, the best way to know for sure is to take a medical-grade urine laboratory test. At InnerVisions HealthCare, our urine pregnancy tests are 99% accurate, and they’re done in a safe, private setting.  Our state-licensed, board-certified OB/GYN physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and support staff are highly trained and dedicated to meeting your healthcare needs

There are tons of options! The at-home pregnancy tests or the period and fertility apps are good indicators and they can be fairly accurate! But nothing beats a professional performing medical-grade pregnancy test for you. This will measure the hCG hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin otherwise known as the pregnancy hormone) in your urine. Ultrasound is another indication of pregnancy. HCG is the hormone produced during pregnancy and can be detected as early as 8 days after fertilization. Once this test confirms you are pregnant we recommend a limited obstetrical ultrasound to additionally confirm the pregnancy, detect if there is a fetal heartbeat, and determine the fetal age and approximate due date. All of this information is so good. Good information is what you need.

The Home Pregnancy Test

Taken an at-home pregnancy test? Unsure of the results? At InnerVisions Health Care our laboratory quality urine pregnancy test are 99% accurate and done in a safe and private setting.Did you take a home pregnancy test? Did you take several? All the same results? Maybe they had conflicting results? Was one line more faded than the other? Perhaps it is a false positive or a false negative. How does this happen? Several factors can cause a false positive or false negative. Perhaps the pregnancy test has expired or is out of date. Another cause could be due to the HCG in your body not being strong enough to be detected in the urine at the time of the test. What we know for sure is there is no maybe, you either are pregnant or you are not pregnant. This is why we recommend and can provide for you, a medical-grade pregnancy test that detects hCG in the urine at no cost to you.

Our clinics provide pregnancy testing at no cost to you. You deserve to know and the sooner the better. So, first things first. Let’s find out for sure if this is anything to be worried about or if your possible “symptoms” are just a hormonal shift for some other reason.

So, the time has come. The time to take that test and find out if you are pregnant. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

How do I know if I’m pregnant?