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Post-Abortion Support

You are not alone in this

Post Abortion Care

Perhaps you have had an abortion and are experiencing some unforeseen emotions?  We can help. 

We can provide you a safe place to talk about your experience.  If you have had an abortion(s) in the past, check and see if you are currently experiencing any of the following emotional side effects.

      Guilt, anxiety or psychological numbness

      Depression (unexplained feelings of sadness; sudden uncontrollable crying episodes; poor self-esteem; sleep or

      appetite disruption; reduced motivation; conflicts in relationships; thoughts of suicide)

      Anniversary grief (on the anniversary date of the abortion or due date of the pregnancy)

      Nightmares or flashbacks of the abortion

      Preoccupation with becoming pregnant again or anxiety over fertility

      Eating disorders, alcohol or drug abuses, or other self-punishing behaviors

      Relational problems

      Suicidal thoughts

      Sensitivity to sound(s)


If you are struggling with the emotional or spiritual results of an abortion, you are not alone. Following abortion, many women feel an initial sense of relief. However, that relief can be followed by feelings of anxiety, regret, anger, difficulty sleeping, grief, depression and withdrawal. These feelings can be intensified by the situation surrounding the abortion–example, a rushed abortion focused on reasons that now seem irrelevant, or feeling pushed into the abortion by others.  

We offer confidential, compassionate post-abortion support, whether your abortion was yesterday or years ago.


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