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Free STD Testing in the Des Moines Metro

At InnerVisions Healthcare we offer free, safe and confidential STD testing to men and women. If you think you or your partner may need a test for sexually transmitted diseases or infections getting tested is a great way to take care of your sexual health.

What to Expect When You Come In For Your STD Test

STD Testing at InnerVisions Healthcare is simple, quick, and virtually painless. We partner with a reputable lab who then will process urine and blood samples, (Blood is drawn from your arm) and provide a report to us in which we will then give you the results. STD Testing also includes a personal risk assessment where the medical staff will educate you on your potential risks with regard to your sexual health. Plan approximately 45 minutes for your appointment.

InnerVisions offers the following free STD tests in Des Moines

  • Chlamydia
    Genital Herpes
    Hepatitis C

Des Moines Pap Testing

Cervical cancer is the second-most common type of cancer among women worldwide. InnerVisions HealthCare provides annual pap testing for women. A pap smear will test for cervical cancer in women. Early detection of cervical cancer can help save your life.

Email a nurse with your questions and for more information: Call us to schedule your appointment at 515-440-2273 for a free STD test or pap smear.

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