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Are you considering abortion?

Considering an Abortion?

If you are considering abortion, then this must be a difficult time and you will have many difficult decisions to make, but you don’t have to do this alone. You are not alone. You have options and you have a right to be fully informed about all of your options. InnerVisions Healthcare staff is here to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision on abortion or one of the abortion alternatives.

What can I expect at my appointment? During your first appointment, you will have the opportunity to take a medical grade pregnancy test,to confirm if you are pregnant. If it is positive you will be offered an ultrasound. The purpose of the ultrasound is to give you further information about your pregnancy such as placement of a pregnancy in the uterus, and measurement of pregnancy growth. All of this information will be important as you evaluate your options around abortion, parenting, or adoption. You will also have the opportunity at this appointment to have an STD/STI test. At the end of these tests, you will be provided with information specific to your situation to help you make decisions on what your next steps might be.

Are all pregnancies viable? Not all pregnancies are viable. To some, this is good news and to others, it is a disappointment. In the United States, 10-20% of pregnancies will end in miscarriage. If you are leaning towards an abortion, it is important to determine growth of the pregnancy before making a decision for an invasive medical procedure that may not be necessary.

What is an intrauterine pregnancy? Intrauterine pregnancy is a pregnancy that has implanted into a woman’s uterus. There are occasions when a pregnancy can implant into the fallopian tubes known as an ectopic pregnancy. This can be extremely dangerous to the mother and is considered an event that requires prompt medical attention.

Why does the gestational age matter? Gestational age is important as it provides valuable information regarding the pregnancy and helps to determine growth of the pregnancy and, directly affects the medical treatment plan.

How long will the appointment take? Similar to seeing your family physician, please allow at least 45 minutes for STD testing and 1 1/2 hours for a pregnancy appointment. We also encourage you to come 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete all necessary paperwork.

Can I make an appointment just to discuss my options? Our staff welcomes you to come in for a discussion on options. We find that the most important part of this process is to first determine if you are pregnant. For this reason, we start all appointments with a pregnancy test. Following the completion of a pregnancy test, you will be provided time where we will listen to you. You can share as much or as little as you like. We will provide you with both education and information on abortion and abortion alternatives, and address any needs or concerns that you may have.

Does my partner have to give consent for me to have an abortion? Your confidentiality and individuality are of top importance. Your rights and consent information will be provided to you at your confidential individual appointment.

What do I do if someone is pressuring me to make a decision that I am uncomfortable with? Whether you are being pressured into parenting, adoption, abortion, the morning-after pill or any other circumstance, the decision is always that of the woman. We are your advocate and will support you during this time as you determine the choice that is best for you.

Are there medical risks associated with a medical abortion (RU486) or is that just a myth? If so, what are they? An abortion through the abortion pill, also referred to as the RU-486 pill, is a serious medical procedure or medication. It should be considered seriously.  While there are many myths, there is also a lot of truth to the pros and cons. Our medical staff is trained to answer all of your questions and provide you with additional websites and information for you to review in making decisions you feel comfortable with.  

What will it cost for the services at your clinic?  All services are provided at no cost.  This is a free clinic.  Our goal is to empower and educate you about your sexual health as well as be a resource for those difficult moments.

Who would I have to tell about my appointment? Your appointment is scheduled by you and is completely confidential.

What are the risks associated with an STD? The risks associated with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) can vary depending on the diagnosis. However, all carry risks of numerous short and long-term effects including complications in pregnancy, infertility, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, and even death, if left untreated.

Why is it important to get STD testing before considering an abortion? Serious infection can spread internally if left untreated.

Is the RU486 permanent?  I changed my mind after taking it, now what?  If you have taken the abortion pill and change your mind, there is support available, please call this 24/7 hotline immediately for help with reversing the effects of the pill. 1-877-558-0333

Do you have counseling available for me? Yes! Whether facing an unplanned pregnancy, sexual assault, sexual trauma, rape, STD/STI concerns, pre or post-abortive, or questions regarding your sexuality, our medical staff is trained to provide comprehensive education and support onsite, at no cost to you. Professional counseling referrals are available depending on your needs.

Can I come alone? Yes! Our Clinic strongly values confidentiality. We will provide you with a safe and completely confidential environment to protect both your privacy and safety. Whether you are pregnant, experienced rape, a victim of sexual assault, date rate, or any type of abuse, we are to here for YOU!

Is having an abortion safe?  How long after conception can you have an abortion?  Are there any long term side effects of having an abortion, the RU486 pill or morning after pill?  How will it make me feel?  What are the side effects of a medical abortion? How will I afford to become a parent?  You are not alone if you have some of these questions racing through your mind.  We can provide you answers and information to all of these questions and more during your appointment. You can call us or text us at any time to set up an appointment. Text: 515-783-1286 Call: 515-440-2273