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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What / who do I need to bring to my appointment?

Please bring your valid ID driver’s license or school id to ensure your confidentiality.  Friends and/or family are encouraged to come for your support.

What can I expect when I arrive to the clinic?

You will be greeted with a smile and provided initial registration paperwork (don’t forget your identification card). Then you will visit with a nurse who will remain with you throughout your visit – even providing follow-up with you as needed.

What kind of pregnancy test do you provide?

We use a urine hCG physician grade test. This is highly accurate and can detect hormones in the urine even before a period is missed. Results in 3-5 minutes.

Do you provide abortions?

We do not provide or refer for these services. However, if you are even considering an abortion then it essential that you first determine if you are pregnant or not, if the pregnancy is viable or not, if you are at risk for a tubal pregnancy or not and if you have an std or not. We will help determine these answers for you first, free of charge.

How is it that you are free?

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization we are funded by people and organizations who care very much about your health and that you are getting the best education possible in order to make the most informed decisions with regards to your sexual health.

Are you affiliated with any other organization(s)?

Innervisions Healthcare is an independent facility that is overseen by a dedicated group of medical staff (doctors and nurses) and local professionals who serve as volunteer board of directors.


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