What is Adoption?

We know, adoption can seem scary, but we want you to know it is an option. When facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption could be something you see as a good fit for your lifestyle. Many women are confused about the process or have preconceived ideas about this option. We hope to simplify the details for you and give you more clarity.

The Process of Adoption

Maybe abortion or parenting don’t seem like the right options for you. If you are struggling with life circumstances or financial hardships, adoption may be for you. The process of adoption has dramatically changed over the years and continues to become better. These days, the birth mom is in control and makes many of the decisions.

Types of Adoption

Open Adoption

Open adoption is a common adoption type today. With this type of adoption, the birth mom makes the decision of where she places her baby with friends, relatives, or someone else. She decides how much contact she has with her child, if any. It’s important to know that states have different laws, so it’s important to have an adoption attorney or someone knowledgeable about the law helping you. 

What You Need To Know: As with all decisions, it’s not always easy. Open adoptions do come with some difficult emotions. Some adoptive families may be insecure if the child has a strong bond with a birth family. And vice versa.

Closed Adoption

The American Adoptions shares that an estimated 1 out of every 10 adoptions is a closed adoption. Even though closed adoptions are uncommon, that does not mean they don’t exist. The process includes an adoption agency finding a placement for the adopted child. The birth parents’ medical records are still given to adoptive parents, but no other identifiable information is shared. There may be very limited contact or none at all in a closed adoption.

What You Need To Know: Although a closed adoption may seem like a good option now, it does make it more difficult in the future if a grown adoptive child or a birth mother wants to reconnect. Closed adoptions tend to cause various unanswered questions for the adoptive child and the birth family.

Semi-Open Adoption

A semi-open adoption falls somewhere in between an open and closed adoption. Normally, semi-open adoptions have less direct communication between birth parents and adoptive parents. Although medical records are shared, no identifying information is shared. In semi-open adoptions, an adoption professional mediates between birth parents and adoptive parents. Like open adoptions, the birth parents have a lot of say in what their wishes are for potential adoptive parents. An adoption agency will guide the process of placement.

However, like open adoptions, no two semi-adoptions are the same. They can change over time. It gives you the freedom to be flexible on contact as it may change over time as you become more comfortable with the adoptive family/birth parent relationship.

Is Adoption For Me?

Adoption is a major decision and an option to explore and think over. We are happy to share information and referrals that will answer questions you might have as you seek the very best choice for you.

Call us today to speak with our team about this option. We are here for you.

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