Can You Reverse the Effects of the Abortion Pill?

If you regret beginning the abortion pill process, it may not be too late to reverse it! Did you know that 68 percent of women have found success in reversing the effect of the abortion pill and continued to have healthy pregnancies? 


How Does the Abortion Pill Work?

To fully understand how reversal works, you must first understand how the abortion pill works. 

Mifepristone, the first abortion drug, blocks the natural hormone progesterone that thickens the uterine wall. This hormone provides all the necessary nutrients to the womb that helps the pregnancy survive. Without it, the lack of progesterone terminates the pregnancy.

The second abortion drug, misoprostol, causes cramping that expels all parts of the pregnancy.

How Does Abortion Pill Reversal Work?

Progesterone is used in the abortion pill reversal process through an injection or pills to hopefully reverse the effects of taking mifepristone. 

Additional doses of progesterone counteract the mifepristone and can deliver the necessary nutrients back into the womb to save your pregnancy. 

Timing is Key

Timing is vital to the abortion pill reversal process! Start the reversal as soon as you can, ideally within 24 hours of taking mifepristone.

Abortion Pill Rescue shares that even treatment taken 72 hours after the first abortion pill has been successful for women. Call the Abortion Pill Reversal Helpline to explain your specific situation and start the process.

Safety of the APR Process

The abortion pill reversal process is safe and effective. Progesterone, a naturally-occurring hormone in pregnancy, is used in the abortion pill reversal (APR) process. In fact, progesterone has been used supplementally for pregnancies for more than 50 years. No undesired effects are known, and the hormone is proven effective in many cases.

Making Your Decision

If you haven’t taken the abortion pill yet, pregnancy testing AND an ultrasound are needed to confirm your pregnancy. An ultrasound will determine what type of abortion procedure you are eligible for and if your pregnancy is healthy and viable (growing). It will alert you to any possible pregnancy complications.

You may still have lots of questions, and that’s ok. Talk to our medical team to learn more about abortion and all your pregnancy options. Schedule a no-cost and confidential appointment.