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Confidential Pregnancy Counseling

So if I am pregnant, what are my options?

Pregnant? Know your options. Contact us today for caring, confidential pregnancy counseling.What are your options? There are 3 primary options and each of these options have another set of options to consider. Remember, it’s OK to ask questions. Ask lots of questions. No 2 women will approach this the same and your situation is unique to you. However, take comfort in knowing that we can help you just as we have helped the thousands of women like you that have come to InnverVisions Healthcare clinic.

It is important to take time to explore your options – this is the best gift you can give yourself. You will probably find that you have more choices than you think. Our highly trained and caring medical staff are available to discuss all of the options available to you so that you can make an informed decision that you can live with for the rest of your life.

Options For Consideration are

We know you want answers now. The best way to learn is to talk through them. Please contact us for a free appointment and pregnancy test.

We know how difficult this time in your life can be. You don’t have to go through any part of this alone.

This is a big decision. Don’t let anyone rush you. Give yourself the time to make an informed decision.

We are here for you.