Do you have reservations about telling your partner that you want an abortion? Maybe your relationship is complicated. Or you are worried your partner will pressure you into a decision you don’t want to make. 

Though you aren’t legally required to tell your partner about your pregnancy decision, if you have a healthy relationship with your partner, it may be worth a conversation. 

What if I Don’t Feel Safe?

If you don’t feel comfortable telling your partner about your decision, that’s okay. If you ever feel unsafe with your partner, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline by calling 800-799-SAFE. The advocate you speak with will help you determine the best plan to proceed safely.

 Abusive behavior can become worse during pregnancy, so it’s essential to contact the hotline as soon as possible for help.

Should I Tell My Partner? 

Honesty is important during such a difficult time as an unplanned pregnancy. Consider discussing your decision with your partner to keep things open. When telling your partner your thoughts about abortion, consider the following communication: 

  • Remain calm 
  • Choose a good time and place 
  • Set boundaries
  • Keep an open mind
  • Understand your options so you can have an informed conversation

Your partner’s response may surprise you, and you may learn something from his insight. His input matters, as your pregnancy decision will directly impact him.

The Final Decision is Yours

Though your partner’s insight and decision matter, you have the final say. If you need support talking to your partner, we can help.

Also, before you take your next step toward a pregnancy decision – pregnancy testing AND an ultrasound are needed to verify your pregnancy (if no medical contraindications). We offer these both at no cost to you.

Talk to our compassionate team to learn more about abortion and all your pregnancy options. Schedule a no-cost and confidential appointment.