How Do I Tell My Parents I’m Pregnant?

Telling your parents you’re pregnant can be one of the most challenging hurdles of an unplanned pregnancy. You may be afraid of disappointing them or making them upset. Know that no matter their reaction, your mistakes don’t define you. Everyone faces major curveballs in their lives.

Do your best to take in the news yourself first, and when you feel ready, share it with your parents. Communicating about your pregnancy with your parents is essential, especially if you need support. Talk to our team at InnerVisions if you need extra support today.

Take Time to Process the News

It’s always best to consider your emotions before going and sharing the news with your parents. Allow your feelings to settle, and process the news as best as possible. If you need to, talk to your best friend, a mentor, or someone else first to get things off your chest.

Consider the Timing

Timing is everything when sharing the news of your pregnancy with your parents. Try to pick a time when your parents are together and relaxed. Do it on a weekend or after work where they can be fully present.

Stay Open & Honest

When sharing the news, try to be open about how you feel about the situation (if you feel comfortable doing so). 

Once you’ve shared, step back and listen. Allow them to react without feeling pressured to chime in or explain yourself. Answer their questions as calmly and honestly as possible.

Support Along the Way

We know this step isn’t easy, and you are not alone. To be sure of your pregnancy before sharing the news with your parents, verify your pregnancy with our no-cost pregnancy services.

Our compassionate team is here to serve and support you regarding your pregnancy. We offer non-judgemental, free, and confidential support so you can make an empowered decision. Schedule an appointment today.