How to Tell Your Boyfriend and Family You are Pregnant

An unexpected pregnancy can be traumatic. A positive test can be hard enough to cope with, and the added stress of telling others.

This blog will explore how to tell your family and the father of the baby (FOB.) Realistically, women sometimes find themselves pregnant at different stages in a relationship.

How Do You Tell The Father Of The Baby (FOB) You Are Pregnant?

This can depend on many factors. Think about the following:

1. What Is The Stage Of Your Relationship?

Is the FOB a one-night stand? Is he someone you have been dating a while, or is he your husband?

The stage of the relationship may make a big difference in how you tell them. A one-night stand may just need to be informed since he may not play a future role in your life.

On the other hand, a person with whom you plan to spend your life will need more openness. Maintaining a relationship calls for honesty.

2. Are You In Agreement As What Choice Should Be Made?

Do you both want to parent? Or are the circumstances such that you are considering abortion?

When couples are not in agreement, the discussion may need to take more time. Hopefully, a consensus can be reached for the good of everyone.

3. Has The FOB Been Abusive?

If you are in an abusive relationship, you should seek assistance before giving the FOB information. Contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline if you need help, or if you’re in more immediate danger, dial 9-1-1.

What Are Some Guidelines For Telling Your Family?

The same advice can be used with your family. Ask yourself these questions:

Are they supportive? Will they agree with the choice you will make? Are they abusive?

The answers to these questions should determine how you approach them.  For some, your great relationship will allow you to have a friendly (perhaps even an excited) conversation.

For other family members, you might want to bring a friend (perhaps the FOB.) If your family is abusive, you should not go on your own.

How Can We Help?

At InnerVisions Healthcare, we invite the father of the baby, no matter what stage of relationship you are in, as well as family members, to attend your no-cost pregnancy test appointment.

At your appointment, we spend time alone with you to respect your privacy. However, your family is usually welcome to attend the ultrasound.

In that way, the FOB and your family may feel more a part of the process. It may also provide an easier way to give them vital information concerning your pregnancy.

For your no-cost pregnancy test and ultrasound (if no medical contraindications), contact InnerVisions Healthcare today!