How will pregnancy affect me mentally? 

Women experience pregnancy during all stages and seasons of life. Some women are very ready and plan for pregnancy, and others find themselves pregnant unexpectedly at a difficult time.

If you think you might be pregnant, your best first step is to contact Innervisions Healthcare. We offer pregnancy testing, STI testing, and ultrasounds at no cost, along with information on all your pregnancy options.

Pregnancy and Mental Health

Every woman will react differently to their pregnancy circumstances, making it challenging to know how exactly pregnancy will affect each woman.

There are also many factors at play. Current mental health issues, hormonal changes during pregnancy, relationships, current life situations, finances, and other factors could play a role.

Here are some questions to think about how pregnancy might affect you.

1. What Stage of Life Are You in?

Women find themselves pregnant when they are in their early teens with very little support, and some when they are older, married, and ready to have a family. Some are still in school, and some are fully into a career.

Where are you in your life? Where do you want to be?

2. Do You Have a Good Support System?

Are you in a relationship with your partner, or is it complicated? Does he know you might be pregnant, or are you hesitant to share the news?

Is your immediate family supportive? Are they excited, or are you afraid to approach them?

A good support system can make all the difference during pregnancy. Take a close look around you and recognize those who would be there when you need them.

3. Do You Have the Resources You Need?

Are you married and living in your own home with a steady income? Or are you struggling to make ends meet and not certain where your next paycheck will come from?

There are a lot of resources available in your community. InnerVisions HealthCare can help you to find organizations to assist with financial, educational, and housing needs.

4. What Do You Want?

An element of how parenting will affect you mentally is up to you. What do you want in your life? Will you embrace pregnancy?

There are women who struggle financially and still want to be pregnant. As with so many things, your perspective is largely up to you.

How Can InnerVisions HealthCare Help?

Find support during your unplanned pregnancy at InnerVisions HealthCare. Our experienced medical team can assist you with no-cost pregnancy testing, an ultrasound (if no medical contraindications), additional health services, and the information you need to make the best choice for you.

We would also be happy to guide you to community resources. We are here to help you!

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