What Are the Benefits of Early Pregnancy Ultrasounds?

There are several reasons to discover what is happening with your pregnancy in the early stages. An ultrasound is an excellent tool for “looking” into your uterus to find the information you need.

First, you should know for sure that you are pregnant. Hospital-grade urine pregnancy tests are accurate and easily accessible at our location. However, they do not tell you everything you need to know.

These tests detect a hormone (hCG) produced once a pregnancy begins. It is best to wait until missing a period for the hormone levels to be high enough to be detected.

Once you confirm your pregnancy with a pregnancy test, the next step is an ultrasound scan. Early on, it can detect three critical aspects of pregnancy.

1. Gestational Age

How far along is your pregnancy? An ultrasound uses sound waves to create a picture of your pregnancy and provide an accurate measurement.

It is vital to know your gestational age before you choose the pregnancy option best for you. The FDA has only approved medical abortions (i.e., the abortion pill) for use within the first ten weeks of pregnancy.

2. Is Your Pregnancy Viable?

Between 10 and 20% of all known pregnancies end in miscarriage. An ultrasound checks for a fetal heartbeat, one sign that the pregnancy is viable (or is likely to continue).

3. Is the Pregnancy Growing Inside the Uterus?

A fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall in a normal pregnancy. Occasionally, it will attach itself outside the uterus, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy.

The most common place for this to occur is in one of the fallopian tubes. Ectopic pregnancies can be life-threatening if left untreated and call for immediate medical attention.

Find Out Critical Details About Your Pregnancy

At Innervisions Healthcare, we can provide a pregnancy test and ultrasound at no cost. We know how important it is to receive vital information about your pregnancy in a timely manner.

We will also provide information on all your options. You deserve to be fully informed.

Our trained medical team can provide the information and support you need. Contact us today!