Everyone has a different ability to handle certain emotional experiences. When it comes to abortion, some women feel nothing but liberation and relief. But for many women, having an abortion is a serious and traumatic experience.

Is There Research?

Yes, there is research, but the final result is often undetermined. Every woman has a unique experience. Studying abortions’ effect on a woman’s mental health is complicated. The research needs to include whether the woman had previous experiences with depression, anxiety, or trauma. Depression because of abortion doesn’t always appear immediately after the procedure either. Many women are triggered months, even years later. A study needs to consider the length of time since the abortion. A researcher studying abortion needs specific information about the woman’s pregnancy and life situation. Was it a late-term abortion? Did she have emotional support in her decision to abort? Issues like age, education, finances, length of pregnancy, marital status, and more need to be considered.

What Are The Mental Health Effects?

According to a MedicalNewsToday article, women have a variety of post-abortion feelings, including:

  • Sadness
  • Grief
  • Relief
  • Calm
  • Loss
  • Regret
  • Happiness

Are You Or Someone You Know Considering Abortion?

It’s essential to evaluate your situation regarding abortion and your mental health. Talk with a medical professional beforehand. At InnerVisions HealthCare, our medical staff answers your questions and provides you with information on abortion and your other options. We first verify your pregnancy with no-cost pregnancy testing and ultrasound if your test is positive. Make a free appointment with InnerVisions today. We care about you and want the very best.