It can already feel overwhelming when facing a pregnancy that you didn’t expect or plan for. In the midst of everything else, your partner may not be communicating well with you or at all. You are not alone. Here are some steps to take if your partner doesn’t support your pregnancy right now. 

Hear Your Partner Out

If your partner is willing to talk at all, hear them out. Though you may feel unsupported, it’s vital to have an in-person conversation at least.

Your partner could easily be overwhelmed by your pregnancy news if it’s still fresh. Give them time to work through their own emotions.

If it’s been some time and your partner is still not communicating with you, find support elsewhere. We’re sorry you were left to figure out your pregnancy without them. That is never okay, but support is available. You don’t have to walk this road alone.

Not Sure if You’re Safe?

If your partner is at all violent, seek help immediately. Violence tends to escalate during pregnancy and put you and your pregnancy in danger. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline right away for 24/7 help and support.

Confide In Someone You Trust

It’s imperative to confide in someone you trust right now. Share your emotions, questions, and concerns with someone who will not pressure you into any decision but who will listen. Confiding in a friend or family member will help you feel heard and encouraged along the way. 

Get the Care You Need

Get answers to your pregnancy today with our no-cost pregnancy support. We offer pregnancy services so you can verify your pregnancy and learn what’s next for your unique journey.

Our safe and compassionate team cares about you and what questions or concerns you have right now. We can help you navigate them and provide the care you need. Schedule a no-cost appointment to learn more.